OOTD: Summer Time

Blue skies, swelter days,denim shorts and salty tan. Yes! Summer season is up.

Hello there! my beautiful people.I hope you all are fine.Today we have entered into the ninth day of June,which is officially the start of summer season.I thought it was only fitting that I start this new month with a Fashion post. So I came up with this-Ootd: Summer time. Summer days are on, and the most important thing with bothers us is our Outfit–what to wear,what not to wear etc etc.I absolutely love scrolling through those #ootd posts.It seems like everybody is getting ready for these swelter days. The weather has been dead warm for weeks now and which is unbearable. In these days all we need is proper dress up. Tan toes and sticky faces are the major problems we go through in these days. All we need to do is,wear something which makes us comfortable. Few of the Summer Fashion trends — 1) Monochromes are in Monochromes continue to be big this year too. From white sneakers to white accessorise, monchrome is the next big thing. 2) Natural skin tones— This is the hot new trend in the hot season. With most of the Bollywood divas gone with natural palletes the days. 3) Hoop earrings— The next thing slaying in these summer days is the Hoop earrings ,either silver or gold, these simple elegant earrings have taken fashion to some other extent. 4) Flowy summer dresses— Simple, casual,comfy and cute flower print dresses are ruling these summer days. Thank you and Have a great day. Do leave a comment.


School Days! ❤

You will never know the true value of moment, till it becomes a memory”.

Pencil in our mouth, one hand on the forehead and the another one neeling down towards the desk, yawning like idiots in History class. Yes that was our time!! The most amazing days of my life when there was no responsibilty of real world but a huge tension of completing homework in a given period of time. The days when Teachers and Principal were considered the biggest villians in our story.

We used to fight for silly things with our friends. Our fights either for window seat in bus or for stationary items like Pencil and eraser.“Recess” which was our favourite time period always seemed to b very small. The person with the tastiest food would be more pampered.The time when Batman, Superman and such characters were our heroes and role-models.

The days when we used to thought of growing up very soon and always try to imitate like a matured person. In that days we were fascinated by college life and that stuff but in reality, more happiness lies in being simple and cherishing innocent things of school life.

The time! when a single P.T period in a week was more awaited more eagerly then the monsoons! When few played ‘Basketball’ in scorching sun and other played ‘kho-kho’. The time when morning extra-classes were not less than torture for all of us.

I miss the days when Teacher scold on every of our mistakes, and encourages and motivates us on every occassion. When she taught us like Teacher, loved us like our Mother , who taught us Respect, ans encourages to move in life. Gone! are the days when we carried Heavy bags on our back, around the streets and shared jokes and sorrow. Ran at roads with our heavy bags.

At those days I used to think school is Hell but now I realise it was my Golden days in life. The days when we used to leave home by 7:00 am and came back by 2:00 in afternoon. I had to worry about nothing just a little worry about school homework for Maths and Physics which I felt like scraps.

I miss the silly gossip with my friends , the loud laughter when no teacher was in the class, the pin-drop silence on result days, our innocent faces infront of Teachers and Parents on P.T.M . The days of Morning Assembly in that cold windy and deadly summer days, the Pledge-taking “All Indians are my brothers and sisters”. I remember, only few of us used to repeat this line.

Gone are the days of Sports day, and the Annual-school day and the one-month long preparations for them. Gone are the days of stressful Quaterly, Half-yearly and the annual exams, and the most enjoyable holidays after them! Do you guys remember the person in the picture below??

Yeah! I guess nearly we all do remember him. He was our beloved Francis bhaiya. One of the best non-teaching staff member. It would sound funny, but he was not less than an Angel for us. Everyday he used to ring the period bell.The relief every student felt after hearing the bell was one of them most amazing thing, which saved us from 45min lecture.

The terrible Oral-test when Teachers used to ask questions and I used to hide my face behind my friends,”Oh God not me please! ”

These days can never return, all we are left with is Memories. The days of complete enjoyement, complete relief, the days one can never forget in their lifetime. The Golden days of my life. Even my blog post is less to describe my good times, the best of best days of my life.

Diwali–the fe$tival oF Lights🎆

“An occassion to celebrate, victory over defeat, light over darkness, awareness over ignorance..An occassion to celebrate life.”

Hello there! Let me first take a minute and thank you guys for appreciating my previous blog posts. Readers! your motivation and inspiration made me write a new post. It is that time of year! Diwali is around the corner and now is the time to go for shopping , sweets, gifts, candles, lights and ofcourse fire-crackers. The illumination of homes with lights and skies with firecrackers is an expression of submission to the heavens for attainment of health,wealth,knowledge,peace and prosperity. According to Hindu mythology, Diwali is celebrated every year to honour Ram-chandra –the seventh avatar (incarnation to God Vishnu) . It is believed that on this day Rama returned to his Kingdom after 14 yeare of exile with his wife Sita and younger brother Laxman,during which he fought a battle against the mighty demon king Ravana and defeated him. The residents of his kingdom Ayodhya were so pleased with his return that they lit diyas to brighten up the atmosphere. People worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi for health,wealth ,luck and prosperity Diwali along with bunch of many functions and festivals are tagged with some keywords—Pollution, Global warming,crackers and noise. Everybody loves that glitter in the sky. Don’t we guys?But has anyone thought of the pollution which is caused by it??Hardly few of us. Today using crackers has become a fashion.Bursting crackers is turning to competion and a status indicator.Considerable amount of crackers are used in every festival or occassion today. Let us re-establish the essence of Diwali by being sensitive to environment. It’s time to go green this Diwali. Tips to celebrate an Eco-friendly Diwali– 1} Buy earthen lamps and diyas 2} Take the innitiative. Gift a plant this Diwali. 3} Use less fire-crackers. 4} Donate to the needy. 5} Tone down the music volume.


“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive” ~~~~~ Howard washington

Happy Sunday friends. So glad to see you here again. Sunday are the better days–the relaxing one and perfect for setting up new goals.

Hello there! I’ve been thinking this whole week about what to post next and finally come up with this innovative topic of Loving ourselves which needs to be tattooed in everybody’s brain.

Everyone talks about loving yourselves. But actually truly loving yourself is a pretty big deal. And it takes practice. We live in a world where self-critism is a way of life, constant background noise in our minds.We spend so much more time thinking about things to fix about ourselves. One of the most important lesson we can learn in life is to Love ourselves, because how we feel about ourselves is a direct reflection of how others see our worth.

In the story of our life, people come in and out. Ideally people are there for you and support you, but sometimes they let you down. The only person who you know for a fact with you will be with you forever is yourself. That may sound scary but it is the truth.If you do right by yourself and love yourself, there will always be someone there for you: You

So how do you begin your journey of self-love? Here are few jump-start tips:

1) Rather than looking for flaws, look for features you like.Everyone has always hated that pimple coming on their faces,Right? Don’t focus on that! How about the dimple on the chin, that you’ve always loved? Smile about that! Rather than counting your mistakes, count your good days and make them worth it.

2) Get to know yourself.In all livelihood you are great person! but may be you have lost touch with that. One of the best way i’ve found to learn about myself is Journaling. When you let your thoughts flow uncensored, you learn about what’s important to you.

3) Treat your self! It’s important to treat yourself sometimes. Buy a nice piece of chocolate, hang around, take a warm bath, a satisfying massage, do something that makes you happy. Be the Queen of your own little world.

“Let go of who you think you are supposed to be and be who you are, love yourself”

Brene brown

On The Blog❤

It’$ just the Beginning…If you Love writing or making music or Blogging or any sort of performing art then do it.Do it with everyting you’ve got.

Seth GodinIt' the beginning❤

Hello there! This week i got a chance to do some kind of re-vamp on my blog and thought of writing something innovative.It’s my First blog. Everyone must be thinking how this girl had put on her hands on blogging. Didn’t you guys??

Actually i was thinking of blogging for a while but could’nt put my hands on it.Starting a blog is not always the main thing;you need to make sure you start right.And i Think i’m off too a gud start.

Over the course of my life I’ve embraced a number of different hobbies like dancing, badminton,just to name a few. But none of them have changed my life or brought me as much satisfaction as Blogging.

I’ve started blogging as a personal tool to journel the changes we were making.Let me now discuss the Thoughts how blogging impacts Life:


1 You’ll become a better writer. Writing your thoughts on a paper will let you become a successful writer with your innovative ideas.

2 You’ll become a better thinker. Ofcourse blogging encourages you to stop and think deeply.You will delve deeper into matters of life and the world view that shapes them.

3 You’ll live a more intentional life.Once you start writing about your life and the thoughts that shape it, you’ll begin thinking intentionally who you are,who you are becoming and many more aheading questions.

4 It’s Free. Your blog and begin anywhere,anytime without spending a penny. I started blogging on WordPress and highly recommend it.

5 You’ll become more confident.Blogging will help you discover more confidence in your life

Because-though it’s cliche to say— the end is only the beginning,if you want it to be. Let’s put efforts on it coz your one seat tri-cycle is not equipped to take each visitor on a journey to conversation city. You”ll need a four-wheeler to drive them there.